:: Welcome To Smart Artist Card:: MAHARASHTRA CINE TV KAMGAR SANGH  (REGD.)


From just a daily wage earner or laborer or junior artist to a groundbreaking Bollywood actor, no matter what kind of job you want from the Cine industry, you need to have an artist card for safeguarding your security.

Applicable For :

Artist, Junior Artist, Anchor, Character Artist, Child Artist, Comedian, Dancer, Lead Artist, Model, Supporting Artist, Villain

Action Director, Art Director, Asst. Action Director, Asst. Art Director, Asst. Director, Asst. Editor, Asst. Lighting Technician, Casting Director, Choreographer, Cinematographer, Color Correction, Director, D.O.P., Dubbing Artist, Editor, Fiction Director, Camera Asst., Graphic Designer, Hair Stylist, Light-Man, Lighting Manager, Location Manager, Make-Up Artist, Music Director, Spot, Stuntman, Fight Master, Production Controller, Production Manager, etc.

Benefits of Artist Card:

  1. Offers a protection

    It helps you in protecting your rights related to working hours, payments, etc. You can appeal to the union if you are a registered junior artist with an artist card in case the casting directors ask you to do overtime without any valid overtime.


    The most important benefit is that it creates the feeling of oneness amongst the Members and brings them closer to each other and also gives a feeling of “ONE BIRADARI”.

  3. Documentary proof

    The membership card is a documentary proof of being a bonafide member of a Registered Trade Union Body, proof of member’s identity and can be useful in securing passport and visas.

  4. Compensation on the death of the Member

    In case of unfortunate Accidental Death of the Member on shooting set – Rs 2 lacs.
    In case of Natural Death of the Member Rs. 75,000/- to the nominee, provided he has completed minimum period of 5 years of Membership on or prior to the date of demise
    In case of Partial or Permanent Disability due to accident on set & loss of any part of the body – Rs. 75,000/-

Our Provided Card Samples: